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If you are spending too much time looking for information instead of using it to create an edge for your business, then Kestrel can help you.

We regard information as one of your most valuable business assets - yet it is the resource that is most commonly neglected. We can maximize the value of this resource by leading you through the process of establishing an [an effective information strategy].

Every business is different, so we start by studying your processes and needs. Then we recommend information policies and standards which we feel are most appropriate to your business.

Next, we test compliance and, where necessary, we offer to implement programmes designed to integrate your information resources - whether hardcopy or electronic, in-house or offsite, technical or administrative.

Our objective is always to make information more available, more accessible, more accurate and more affordable for our customers, thus enabling them to improve efficiency, trim costs, make quicker, better-informed decisions and reduce time to market.

In short, Kestrel is in the business of adding value to your information resources. We bring order to your information assets, and empower your decision-makers.

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